About Us

We are a young retired couple able to devote ourselves to our passion of breeding and raising quality, genuine Australian Labadoodles. They make us laugh every day with their antics.  The dogs are always up for a new adventure and are eager to go canoeing and hiking with us.  Belle is particularly well traveled since she toured the South and West.

We have recently (April 2012) relocated to Cape Cod MA.  Belle and Teddy are loving the trails, the water, the cool weather.  Lots of exercise for all of us!

Since we only have a few litters a year we are able to devote a lot of time and effort to planning and raising each one. We raise the pups in our home so they are well socialized to family life. They have heard the blender, the vacuum, thunder and lightening. They participate in the routine of the household, receive lots of hugs and cuddles, and are started on the road to training.

We are professional in our approach to breeding and raising puppies. We abide by the testing and breeding guidelines of the Australian Labradoodle Associations. We strive to maintain the attributes of the breed by breeding only genuine Australian Labradoodles from the Rutland and Tegan Lines. We select dogs who have good/superior test scores and great personalities. We do not believe that infusions are advancing the breed, so we do not infuse. We are passionate about our dogs. What a joy for us to see the big smiles and happy tail wags when the puppy joins his new family.

We like to play and have adventures with our dogs.  As a result we tend to keep the dogs in a short puppy cut: the short cut is easy to maintain after a day swimming in the river, just a rinse and a few minutes to air dry, and they are clean and ready to come into the house.

We welcome visitors.  If you can’t come, visit our Facebook page (Tortoise Island Labradoodles) which has lots of pictures and movies of our puppies. Feel free to call with questions.