Our Dogs

Each of our breeding dogs is a genuine Australian Labradoodle,  descendents of the original Tegan Park and Rutland Manor Australian lines.   We believe that by breeding within these lines, without infusions, we are preserving the excellent look, temperament, and coat quality of the breed that excited the world.

Acadian Southern Belle

Belle is a Certified Austalian Labradoodle

ALCA C090-08022007-009B  A4/Certified

Belle is an athletic dog who is an insatiable tennis ball player.  She loves to go on canoe trips and hiking in the forest.  She is very loyal to her family and a doting mother.

Some of her puppies are successful service dogs, all her puppies are beautiful.

    Standard size

Allergy friendly, soft curly fleece coat.  Easy to care for, low maintenance.

Cafe color coat, amber eyes.

24 inches tall and 58 lbs.


Tortoise Island Teddy

Teddy is a Certified Australian Labradoodle

ALCA 123-02262011-002-D      A4/Certified

Teddy is a wonderful companion with the loving disposition of a service dog.
He is a fully tested stud dog who has already sired two litters.    He is the son of our Belle and Noble Vetal’s Janko with thanks to Trinity Doodles.


Caramel/red wavy fleece coat

Height  23 inches

Weight   45 -50 lbs
Test results : OFA preliminary good hips and normal elbows, CERF Clear.  PRA clear.